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.NET component libraries from Heapar Software

We make development easier. Why do you spend your time to develop cool-looking components? Does your time cost the energy you spend? No!!! Buy our cool-looking components and save your time. Purchase now and get 1 year free updates to any new version of Heapar .NET Essential library.

Heapar Essential Library .NET

Heapar Essential Library .NET box image

Heapar Essential Library allows you to create pretty and powerful user interfaces. The library consists of ActivePanel, Bevel, CategoryButtons, Resizer, HeaparGrid etc. We add new features every month. Register now and get free updates in 1 year.

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OpenSource .NET Controls Library

I have a good news for you: Heapar Essential Library .NET is now free-of-charge and Open Source. Small Report Renderer is independent control now. The price is very reasonable. You can buy it with full source code for $49 only. More information about this great news you can find in our blog: OpenSource .NET Essential Library.

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